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The Theology of Technology

January 14, 2022 Clarence E. Stowers, Jr. Season 1 Episode 10
The Clarence Stowers Leadership Podcast
The Theology of Technology
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This Week's Episode: The Theology of Technology

Honestly, I do not understand why most pastors and church leaders do not leverage technology for the Glory of God. Pastors, church leaders, and faithful church attendees who see social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tock, Twitter, and LinkedIn as evil miss an excellent opportunity to reach people far from God.

Are you sitting?

Here's something that'll blow your mind.

Christianity was, in an authentic sense, the first technologically driven religion.
Are you Intrigued? Angry? Frustrated?

Galilee, Bethlehem, and the rest of Palestine were part of a Roman world whose technological underpinnings had reached a level by Jesus' day that was not to be surpassed until the 19th Century. 

Those roads that The Apostle Paul and his associates traveled to spread the faith were unprecedented engineering marvels.

Without the ingeniously constructed roads that led from the streets where Jesus had walked to the cities of Syria and Greece, Christianity might have remained another obscure Judean sect-like those that fill the pages in accounts by the Jewish historian Josephus.
The roads were technological marvels – the ORIGINAL information super-highway!

What's The Point?

If Jesus, His Disciples, or The Apostle Paul were here today, they'd all use Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tock, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites to reach people for God! 
Pastors & church leaders, if you're not using Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tock, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or any other form of social media, you're missing a God-sized & ordained opportunity to reach people for God.

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Sources Mentioned in Today's Episode

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